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Restorative Counseling Services is designed to encourage, enlighten, and empower boys and young men of color to not only defy the odds, but to walk in greatness in all aspects of their lives. We believe that our young men were created to succeed, designed to win, and destined to be a light in their community. Our mission is to remind young men and their families that it doesn’t matter what’s been written in their story so far, but how they fill up the rest of the pages that is important.

Restorative Counseling Services utilizes a culturally competent client-centered approach to facilitate and address the social-emotional needs of boys and young men of color. Restorative Counseling Services assists boys and young men with building resiliency, decision making, overcoming obstacles, and equipping them with the skills to avoid negative influences. As practitioners we are driven to understand and help young men overcome the barriers that are standing in the way of their success. Areas of focus include, but aren’t limited to anger, management, depression, anxiety, conflict resolution, restorative practices, respect, ethics, and developing future goals.

Restorative Counseling Services specializes in enabling the success of boys and young men of color. We utilize an individualized, yet multifaceted approach for each client to reach for and obtain his maximum potential from a behavioral, academic, social, and emotional standpoint. We address clients with ADHD, anger management, oppositional defiance, and other success impeding behaviors.

Our staff consists of African American male practitioners that each have over 20 years experience working with boys and young men of color and their parents to change trajectories and outcomes. We specialize in individual, family, and group therapy to address the specific needs of each client/family. We also provide intervention and educational workshops to organizations.

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The mission of the restorative Counseling Services is to empower, enlighten, and encourage boys of color to be the leaders that they are destined to be. Our goal is to …