Louis Allen is a licensed, master-level social worker and co-chief executive officer for Restorative Counseling Services. He provides therapeutic intervention to boys and men experiencing barriers that hinder their success in relationships, school, work, and the community. He works collaboratively and comprehensively with clients to address trauma, grief and loss, anger management issues, behavior challenges, depression, and addictions. Throughout his career, Allen pursues a special passion for helping boys and men and has facilitated several programs to help meet their unique needs.

 Allen’s professional experience also includes serving as clinical therapist in the educational system where responsibilities included assisting students with social, family, behavior, and cognitive challenges. He is charged with improving school culture and climate through the reinforcement of positive behavioral techniques, restorative practices, and management of corrective interventions. Additionally, Allen served as the director of special initiatives at the Juvenile Assessment Center, where he managed a drug court program for teens and oversaw the risk assessments of youth that have interfaced with the criminal justice system.  Additional professional experiences include case management, social work services, program delivery and management at several nonprofits in the metropolitan Detroit area.

 In addition to his therapeutic skills, Allen works in the creative industry. He is the chief executive officer of Highly Favored Productions, a Christian entertainment and production company. And he is a published author with works featured in book compilations, performances and articles. Allen completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Marygrove College and a Master’s degree in Social Work at Wayne State University, both in Detroit, Michigan.

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