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Restorative Counseling Services (RCS) assist boys of color to achieve academic success and to assist them in realizing the impact of their overall academic performance, as it relates to future endeavors and both short and long-term goals. Our mission is to also enhance opportunities, to develop self-respect (learning to respect themselves and others); and to help them develop anger management and appropriate conflict resolution techniques, by using interventions that create positive outcomes. RCS strives to provide skill modules through online webinars on topics related to the individual’s needs, with the purpose of the individual becoming more aware of problematic behavior and its effect, thus facilitating behavior change. The webinars that we have designed are based on a range of topics such as strategies for conflict resolution, anger control strategies, social skills, appropriate communication skills, anxiety, and depression.
The webinars are a useful tool for parent involvement/education. Parents can gain knowledge by viewing the online webinars to assist with their child’s social-emotional learning.

Educational Workshops
Restorative Counseling Services provides educational and informational workshops to schools, churches, and community organizations. Our topics include understanding and implementing strategies for anger management, depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavior management, cognitive dissonance, and a host of other factors that may impede one’s social effectiveness and quality of life.